Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yoga Silhouette at Sunrise on the Beach

Yoga Sun at any beach of the World., originally uploaded by Eric Lon.

Yoga lends itself to photography so well and truth be told I probably have at least as much interest in photography as I do in yoga, if not more. I love the seemingly unnatural positions yogis contort their bodies into. Sunrise and sunset pictures are a dime a dozen but when you add the silhouette of someone practicing yoga it can create interest that the very best sunset pictures still lack.

Janga yoga - Yogis of the world.

Janga yoga: Yogis of the world., originally uploaded by Eric Lon.

Ultra flexible man practicing yoga on the beach while the waves wash over him. As a yoga newbie my ability to name positions is not exactly at a master level but I do believe this to be correctly identified as the Cobra position.