Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yoga Girl Bent in Half

, originally uploaded by Tal s.

Yoga is great for flexibility and this woman proves it as she folds her self in half.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Very Flexible Yoga Girl

chrisandra fox, originally uploaded by FaernWorks.

This woman practicing yoga shows off her extreme flexibility in a pose that just looks artistic, if not unnatural.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Naturism in Lipe island: Tarutao National Park, Thailand.

Naturism in Lipe island: Tarutao National Park, Thailand., originally uploaded by Eric Lon.

This guy practicing yoga on the rocks is perfectly aligned with nature.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Perfect Yoga

Encaixe perfeito, originally uploaded by Leilane Lobo.

This yoga girl is posed perfectly to frame the sunrise or sunset with her body right down by the water.

One Hand Support on Rocks

Quase levitando, originally uploaded by Leilane Lobo.

This guy is supporting himself on one hand, balancing on the rocks right by the ocean. Awesome yoga photography!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Group Yoga in Golden Gate Park

Group Yoga in Golden Gate Park, originally uploaded by davegolden.

Couples yoga supporting position. This pair is practicing a suporting position for outdoor yoga in Golden Gate Park.

Yelena Does Yoga

Yelena Does Yoga, originally uploaded by ej haas.

I'm still just a beginner so unfortunately I don't know all the names of these yoga positions yet. Maybe with more practice I'll be able to recognize them better.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yoga Position - Folded in Half

Yoga, originally uploaded by Len's Lens.

A nice picture of this girl folded in half practicing yoga.

Sunrise Beach Yoga

Yoga, originally uploaded by danusunt.

This guy is waiting to surf in Costa Rica and passes the time doing Yogaat sunrise.

Extreme Yoga

Extreme yoga, originally uploaded by Mr_Bond.

Check out this guy balanced on a rope.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beach Yoga at Sunrise

Yoga Sun., originally uploaded by Eric Lon.

Some prefer to practice yoga at the beach at sunrise or sunset.

Group Yoga in Golden Gate Park

Group Yoga in Golden Gate Park, originally uploaded by davegolden.

Inverted partners yoga. I love how you really have to look closely to see what's going on in some of these advanced yoga positions, especially when it comes to partner yoga.

Final Fest-Yôga Porto

Final Fest-Yôga Porto 06, originally uploaded by pimentinha37.

Awesome yoga form.

Yoga Levatation Above the Clouds

Yoga above the clouds, originally uploaded by carl kalabaw.

So apparently this isn't trick photography or photoshop work at all. These two guys jumped into the air and assumed yoga positions in mid jump for the photographer to catch on film. The background is Mount Pulag summit.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yoga Guru Suneel Singh Padmashirshasana

Yoga Guru Suneel Singh_Padmashirshasana, originally uploaded by coordinator_tarun.

An advanced yoga position by guru Suneel Singh, propped on his elbows with his legs crossed above his head.

Yoga on the Rocks

yoga on the rocks, originally uploaded by martin prihoda.

A great angle of this guy practicing yoga on the rocks by the ocean in Vancouver, Canada. He shows beautiful form. Notice that both his feet are pointing to the camera. Nice photography Martin!

Partner Yoga

yoga.jpg, originally uploaded by Zeolite.

A nice photo of husband and wife yoga partners in the studio for a clothing shoot.

Yoga in Himalaya: Manali. India.

Yoga in Himalaya: Manali. India., originally uploaded by Eric Lon.

Cold climate yoga at high altitude! This guy is in his shorts on a snow covered mountain in the Himalayan mountains in India. Are all yoga fanatics this crazy?

Yoga Guru Suneel Singh

Yoga Guru Suneel Singh, originally uploaded by coordinator_tarun.

Yoga Guru Suneel Singh

Friday, February 1, 2008

Yoga Handstand Spread Legs

steve 3, originally uploaded by martin prihoda.

A great shot of a yoga handstand by the water with clouds overhead.

Yoga at Sunset in Goa

The radiance of yoga, originally uploaded by Venkatesh K.

A great shot of someone practicing yoga during sunset on the beach in Goa.

Shaolin Buddhist Monk Yoga Photo

CHINA, originally uploaded by BoazImages.

Here's an amazing yoga picture of an advanced yoga pose by a Shaolin Monk in Kaifeng Henan China.